It’s Not Just My car. It’s My Lifestyle

At Wild Pony Products we’re a group of Aussie Ford Mustang fanatics, and totally get… “it’s not just my car, it’s my lifestyle.” We know the Ford Mustang ignites your inner “Wild Pony,” a passion that bridges generations, across guys and girls, owners and want-to-be owners that drives your take on life.

Founder and owner of Wild Pony Steve Edward (Ford Tragic, originally inspired by the ‘68 Mustang and obsessed with his 6G Mustang) was frustrated with the lack of choice of authentic Mustang apparel available to like-minded Aussies. In 2017 he took on the States and rattled some American cages. Wild Pony Products is excited to offer Aussies a range of authentic Mustang product previously available only in America. Plus, the range also features our own Wild Pony selection of top quality genuine Official Ford Licensed Product exclusive to Australia. Steve also recognises that the Ford Mustang passion knows no boundaries, so the Wild Pony range caters for everyone… guys, girls plus the kids!

So, at Wild Pony Products, we’re all about helping Aussies release their inner “Wild Pony” and enjoy Living your Mustang lifestyle.